GPS For…

24 Hour A Day, 7 Day A Week Live Tracking

Guardian GPS allows you to locate your loved one from any computer or cell phone with internet access, anywhere in the world. Once logged into our guardian server, you will be able to track your loved one.

“Safe” and “Forbidden” Zone

Create Safe and Forbidden zones by using geofence feature of our Guardian tracers. All you have to do is create a circle around the address (home, school, church, etc) and set the distance. Any time your loved one leaves their Safe zone, or enters their forbidden zone, you will automatically receive a text message on your phone with the coordinates that can be downloaded to Bing or Google Maps.

SOS/Urgent Mode

The Guardian GPS has a SOS button on that can be activated by the push of a button. By pushing the button, your will receive a text from your loved one indicating that they are in danger.

Speed Warnings

You can also log into the Guardian GPS Website and check the travel history for an archived history that includes the speeds the device was traveling. This is a great feature for teen drivers and owners of fleet vehicles to ensure compliance and safety.

Archived Travel and Alert Histories

The Guardian website gives you the ability search and view historical travel and alert data by simply selecting the date range you would like to view on the calendar. You can print out the addresses visited throughout the day.