State Farm Discount Guardian GPS Tracker




Attention Parents: Protect Your Teen and Their Premium

State Farm is committed to the safety of teenage drivers through teen discount programs such as Steer Clear Safe Drivers Discount program. We are excited to partner with Spy Parent LLC to provide an exclusive offer for the Guardian GPS Tracker.

The Guardian GPS Tracker is a real time GPS\GPR tracker that allows parents to obtain instant speed alert, instant vehicle location, unapproved locations (Geofence), and theft prevention.  This tracker prevents the two leading causes of  teenage traffic accidents: Speeding and Inexperience. The Guardian GPS Tracker gives Parents a Peace of Mind while they are traveling on the hectic highways of  Georgia.


 State Farm Teen Policy Holders will receive a 30% discount on the Guardian GPS Tracker 

Regular Price  500.00

Discount Price 350.00

Parents that purchase this device for their child will also receive achieve additional discounts on their insurance premium

Get a discount on your Teen Insurance Now!!

Please leave your contact information below and State Farm Agent Shannon Till,CLU will contact you regarding the great discount on your premium for using the Guardian GPS Tracker